Reply To: NC COA: Satellite based monitoring unreasonable without evidence it works

Joseph Park

I would like for anyone who cares to know that I have a case pending in Georgia Supreme Court (Case No. S18A1211) seeking to overturn Georgia’s attachment of GPS tracking devices on persons arbitrarily classified as sexually dangerous predators by the Sexual Offender Registry Review Board. I thought by now that the ACLU or NARSOL or EFF or Southern Center for Human Rights, or just anybody who cares to at least have something to say about this, but as of yet I’m on my own. My case is criminal in nature, Tampering with an Electronic Tracking Device. I have an excellent constitutional attorney, Mark Yurachek of Atlanta, who has extensive experience in this matter, and who has worked on this matter for years with civil actions that have failed on procedural grounds. Yurackek is the proverbial “Legal Eagle” and I am right proud to have him on my case. But, just the same, I would not be averse to any associations of such as those listed above to offer their assistance in this matter.
I had a date for oral arguments of September 24, 2018, but that has recently been taken back and my case moved to the October calendar with no specific date. You can see for yourself my docket information at: