Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender


The cost of speaking out? Sure I hear those liberty bells ringing but were’s the justice. Sure we can go with quisimoto theories, true principals, or true democracy. We can even go with intent which I’ve heard is 9 tenth’s of the law, or we can even go with a mothers desparate attempt to protect her child and seek true understanding. So where does all this confussion or understanding end or should we all say show me the money and I will show you justice.

Sure protecting children is good. If I were a parent I would do everything to protect my son or daughter and even when they get into adulthood. A little bit of punishment isn’t bad but a lot of this could be over principled or guidelines overstretched a bit to the limit.

Sure I got disinterested in my criminal justice course’s because punishment and justice are a dangerous mix at times. So where is true justice today?

This sex offender is so different from any of the other ordeals or criminal justice with your computer type oligarchy today and devilish trick tactics. So should we all say guilty as charged by even looking a woman or for that matter a man or use some basic understanding.