Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

Edward Nightingale

I keep hearing about the issue of succeeding with the burden of the registry. About the only thing I’m truly successful with is is my compliance. I do have a few friends. I’m not sure what grief they get, but with my recent separation from from my girlfriend is a better example.
Her familysuggests she find someone else. They state that I’m nice enough, etc., but because of my status they tell her to leave me. Her one daughter is especially adamant. To the point that she moved herself into our apartment essentially forcing me out. I left a lot of stuff behind that they could use, but the daughter’s comment is, “Why did he take everything. 15% of what is still there is hers. All else is mine. Don’t mind so much as I have everything I need despite this.
The issue of my rambling is that most of her family knew me 40 years ago. I was a good guy then and other than my offending, I still am. All the past has been forgotten. In the case of the daughter…no gratitude, consideration, or acknowledgment of the good in me. Just gives her mom grief over her sticking with me.
Add on. The recent separation is due to the event of having leave a life of relative happiness due to her purposeful meddling.
Anyway, back to other issue on the writing. Can’t be successful if all you do isn’t enough, good enough, and in no way is put towards reforming a person. Eventually, the thought is why….why try, why deal with it, and the thought that it’s all for naught.