Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

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Well, the charge matters and you have not stated the charge only saying, “received a sexual conviction for a situation involving one of the students she counseled.” For the sake of this response let’s say it was child molestation/abuse – having consensual/non consensual sex with a minor. Ok, so the reality of the situation is if everyone knew every horrible thing we’ve ever done, no one would hire us, marry us or be around us. But with that said, we do have boundaries when it comes to these things and that is decided by society, right or wrong. We’ve decided that we are ok with not knowing every single bad thing a person has done – we’ve all done bad things. But two things we do want to know about that we do consider to be a game-changer are premeditated murder and child molestation/abuse. And we have set up ways in which those two things are made public forever. Picture yourself on a date. A really nice guy with all the outer qualities which are desirable. But during the date you find out, or you find out via the internet that he murdered his former wife. Would you marry him? Of course not. His dating life is over and he will probably never marry again. The same is true of child molestation. We have limits, boundaries and exceptions when it comes to these things. It’s society saying, “we’re just not OK with these two very specific acts.” It’s society’s right and there’s not a whole lot we can do about it.