Reply To: The cost of speaking good of a convicted sexual offender

James Coghill

Some of the behavior by so-called normal people reported here are the result of excessive population. Take a trial for example. In this countries early days when the population was far lower to place criminal charges on someone was as serious as life and death. Not only for the accused but for you too. Suppose the accused is named Fred. Fred is your butcher or your blacksmith or any of the other positions that everyone relied on everyday. You throw them into prison then who is going to make shoes for your horse? Who is going to make your tools or cut your meat? You had no choice but to weight the impact of the sentence to your community. Today juries aren’t allowed to think about that. Today the accused is considered as a non-human non-personality and our huge population creates an environment ripe for doing this. Just take a moment to identify all the things that are wrong with the criminal justice and you will find that every one of them is affected by population levels and the large number of cases that large populations create. The criminal justice system was never designed to support such large populations because it was designed for the time of and before the existence the colonies. If the truth be told it wasn’t very effective in small populations either.