Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket


Here is an employment idea for many out there. Become a personal trainer. You can get certified for under $500. You need a Heartsaver card ( a $75 3 hr course).
You can find work at small gyms that hire contract trainers ( no background checks) or pay a fee for usage of studio. You can also do home , park, outdoor training.
I was a physical therapist, but lost my license due to a misdomeanor C.P. possession. So I got a P.T. cert. and now work with adult clients at their homes. I make $5000 / month. 1/2 of my previous salary, but I am slowly building a client roster. You must be serious, but your self esteem will improve as your clients appreciate you helping them. There are many felons that do this occupation.
I have clients that I hope will be able to help me in the future. One is a past president of the county bar association and another is a member of congress!
Hope this gives you hope of a self supportive future. Nothing will be easy, but I have found that we as a group are incredibly tough.