Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


What is your email address I will send you info to the attorney I used, he charged me based on the complicity of my case as I had a lot of the information ready for him, also let me say this, I was removed from the registry August 3rd 2018, I received my letter before I went to court because my attorney petitioned psp and the DA to remove, they got that notice before my court date which the petition forced psp to do my review, when in court this morning the DA and my attorney spoke, my Attorney showed the DA my letter from psp that I was removed, from there the DA spoke to someone next to the judge, my name was called, my attorney stood and stated the DA is in agreement with our brief, judge said he needs something from my attorney ASAP and we were out the door in 5 minuets, with this said make sure your in compliance because if your going to mess with psp and force them to do your review and you not in compliance they will come arrest you. As for thr amount I paid I choose not to disclose financial information but I will give my attorneys name, do you live close to Chester or Montgomery County? If not then you will have to travel to him. He will tell you up front if you have a colorable case or you don’t have a chance in hell. As for being removed from the FBI list, my attorney says they have there own list separate from states, so I don’t know what the deal is with that and judicial determination but with only the letter from psp I would have to reg in other states if I traveled there. But I will be asking him more questions on that topic.