Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


Timothy I liked the anthology of to Commit or not to Commit. For me I would have to say “To be or not to be” a sex offender. Sure I admire anyone with guts to stand up about all this repulsive stuff. I don’t really like to speak about others in a negative way as everybody has their faults, even court systems.
Now grant you their are some cases and situations and the flesh is weak or should we go back to the Charles Manson days or talk about sex cults, or talk about a boy named Galen, that wanted or wants to get his life back on the ground.
Thats just like oneself, who can judge another man’s thoughts or intent. Sure we would all hate to be under the sex offender curse for the rest of our life whether we had close encounters or strange encounters. Civil comment is a bit tragic and who can asset another persons sin point blank with “cold calling assetment”. We could look at some of the clergy in PA today but I’m sure a lot wouldn’t want to go in that direction.