Reply To: NC COA: Satellite based monitoring unreasonable without evidence it works


I suspect Stein’s office is already working on an appeal to NCSC. Far too many registered citizens would be affected by this. (I used to be one of them but I won my freedom from SBM a couple of years ago, and I can testify to how horrible a thing this is to deal with.) Judging by the ruling in Packingham, I think the state has a good chance at winning on review by NCSC.

From there, Griffin’s attorneys will likely appeal to SCOTUS. I wouldn’t put money on any scenario after that.

Let’s take it as a win for now. If nothing else, it takes resources away from the state’s ability to defend against NCRSOL’s federal lawsuits. And no matter how you look at it, victories are starting to pile up for us. The tide might not have changed just yet, but it sure is slowing down.