Reply To: NC COA: Satellite based monitoring unreasonable without evidence it works

Timothy D A Lawver

My Uncle Gary began teaching me COBOL in 1976. I was 11. I took to it immediately!

4 decades later I’m standing in front of a judge for my 2nd FTR case and we’re having a discussion in open court about the state’s (,WI) de novo demand for e-mails & IDs. It had been 2 complete years since I’d last registered.
[7th Circuit Court, Rock County WI, 2ND FLOOR court A 9:30 a.m.]
“I ain’t gonna sign now judge.” I said. “the administrative branch has lost their everloven mind”, I said.
Judge said, ” You know they CAN ask Mr. Lawver? ”
“YES JUDGE,” I said. “,And my wife can ask me, ‘Does this dress make my ass look fat?” ….” I can’t answer…..right judge, see my point? It’s plomo or plata.. judge. ”
” Never the less, he says, IF you don’t sign it today, right now, I will have to set a trial date, Do you want that? “No I said, but I can’t tell them an e-mail either.”
“Why not?” he asks, ” Do you have an e-mail address?. ”
“I’d rather not say judge, {HUGE GRIN} but I can make one as soon as I get home.”
Judge shakes his head in disbelief. “,Are you trying to be funny Mr. Lawver. ….?”
“No judge I’m serious. .. I’ll make one when I get home, I WILL DO IT! I promise!” “Having said that, I still don’t think they REALLY want or NEED it though judge”
“Mr Lawver, Of course they want it or they wouldn’t have asked for it.” judge said.
“I know, I know judge …but something ain’t right about it” I said.
“What isn’t right with it Mr. Lawver?, Its just an email address.”
“Funny thing is judge I called them (DOCSOR) and asked them about it. ”
“Well what did they tell you?” he asked.
“The lady told me they had no intentions to e-mail me or nothing.” ” Don’t you find that kinda odd judge? ” I mean ….why ask for an email if ya ain’t gonna use it to talk to me or tell me something?” ” Kinda dumb ain’t that judge? ” They’ve lost their minds! ”
Judge repositioned himself and peered over his specs toward the ADA and said,
“The man makes a good point don’t you think? ” ADA is caught clearly unprepared
“I’m not sure judge about that I’d have to check” she said. I think we better put Mr. Lawver back in the status pile for now judge. ” she said. Ok, judge says, fine with me we’ll see you a month from today Mr. Lawver see the bailiff for the slip.” (9 months in)

You’ve just read the story about how the email address rsolawver@charter came to life. I’ve never accessed or used that address since its inception. Because I know what they want it for, always have. Email contains so much info besides the message. It makes a fine point to make to a jury. I nearly hung the last time, and that jury only got the abridged version. Mom’s cancer had to be a priority.

After that day the DA himself was on my case, no more underlings. Just prior to a subsequent pre-trial hearing he threatened me with 980 The CC statute in my state. He was bluffing of course I don’t meet the criteria even if you presume I was guilty. During the bench trial it took me all of three questions to get the SOR agent to mention the Wetterling Act. Once that door is opened, the defenses time line begins 1994 ONMIBUS and ends present time. A skilled attorney could make a long trail outta that. I scare the hell out of them precisely because they know I was innocent and I know they just cannot admit it. Someday I will prove it.