Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


Timothy D A Lawver

That is the question. It is a false one.

The most acute question is: Is CC different from incarceration? Either in motive or ends. Intent and effects. If so, how does it impact the condemned and society – peace in the union differently? Does the regimen really improve conditions, or does it exacerbate them?

Clearly, Ms. Levine finds the regime abhorrent on many levels.

My personal position is; like abortion, sometimes ya just gotta. Which in the moment strikes me as ironic considering my situation and I assume the lady has not been incarcerated herself for an offence. Ohh! The folks you meet in there may change her mind. At any rate, I do not mind that Robin’s condemns the condemning, If that makes sense. I won’t hold a grudge. I, like Robin believes there must be stringent conditions for such acts as reincarceration, it is the same arterial outcome for the interned individual, no matter what political correctness has deemed it.

If I am not mistaken it was Kansas V Hendricks where the guy told officials he absolutely was going to attack again where SCOTUS upheld state’s regime. Given that how could they resist ma’am?

For what it’s worth, I viewed a program not that long ago in which Justice Breyer when asked, “Is there a case where you’d decide differently?” Guess which case he would change? BINGO the Hendricks case 5 -4. Next the interviewer asked how he resolved this fact internally given the outcome? His answers came off a little too flippant and casual for my taste. But that is how it is with the elites is it not?

Given the length of initial sentencing nowadays the question is somewhat muted.

For my money, better to CC the guy with repeated offenses using guns or other weapons. Like others have stated how we define the term violence is paramount.

Galen and Larry (Nasser) have this in common.
All of their victims walked away. Given that fact I should think neither fits the bill.
Galen proved that the first time around. As for Larry he ain’t getting out. The people of Michigan IMHO waste their resources on him. Hell I know 12&13 year olds who d wipe the mat with him. IF he were on the streets today who could be afraid of that guy???? Seriously!!!!! Does the lengthy sentence or threat of death penalty factually deter? Not even close.

So the victimites have taken over the justice system. Due process, gone. Ex post prohibition, gone. Fair trial, gone. Double Jep, gone. Right to an conscientious attorney, gone. Defenders of the system will beg to differ on that score, but they have skin in the game. I do not.

Let me take time to have a good thought for Miss Tibbits.