Reply To: Robin Vander Wall on CBS17 News


The media is a driving force in fueling this nation’s sexual predator hysteria. They WANT the perpetrator to be a registrant so their fear-mongering yellow journalism narrative can be legitimized.

The media does not want to cover the facts or any aspect of the issue fairly. That is why they don’t show you the hundreds or thousands of compliant, law-abiding registered citizens in every state. That just does not fit the narrative they’re feeding the public, who is, by far and large, too dumbed down and lazy to do the research for themselves on the issue. All the armchair experts in the public at large do is parrot misinformation spread by the media and Hollywood (Law & Order: SVU).

I again will state my deeply held belief that facts aren’t relevant because this is the intended course of action no matter what. We’re less than dogs in the eyes of most and a quick death is too good for us in their estimation. Tell me I”m lying when I say most people think sex offenders, particularly child molesters, should be taken out and slowly tortured to death and that any criminal punishment short of that is not justice in their eyes. I want somebody to comment on this and tell me I’m wrong.