Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program


Actually you make a lot of truth in a lot of this. While Sandy took good initavitive with I’m sure guidance of NARSOL to send this letter. I think that letter says meaning to all. Sure Jackson, MS is a hard market. Is it almost like everybody wants their own market in Government today.
Sure a lot of people can be bias even when it involves criminal elements. Look at Government today at the capital leval. One of the people I go to see at a nursing home introduced me to this fellow and he know’s my plight from the lady that introduced us. We talk about theology and other things but sometimes I can’t understand him at times so I have to use a ‘grain of salt’ on his views. While he is an ordain minister he has told me he has never preached. He’s also a hard core Republican. I wonder today if this even about gvovernment, and thats a scary thought
Sure I’m not proud of my little criminal things I did growing up but this sex offender ordeal seems to be the turning point for true justice. So NARSOL full steam ahead in all this fight for restoration for justice for many.