Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices


I like NARSOL’s endeavor to seek changes but also one has to understand oneself to seek that change.I believe a lot of politicians need to zip it once in a while. Should the sex offender people just toss their laptops in the washing machings today, or when real physical encounters happens is that when the dammage is done.

Is it all a conspircy game thru a lot of this internet device? While we can all learn something from Galan’s ordeal one has to understand true justice, white washing, and black balling others doesn’t get it with me or anybody else. So who should we reach out today. I’m not in this to win but to prove.

One has to remember Virginia is so different from northern state and other states and their laws are a bit testy, but peoples minsets are still the same for life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness, and notice I didn’t say anything about justice. Is the old saying we are still fighting the Civil War or is it the war on crime.

Honestly I never liked Virginia as it is a commenwealth state and a bit different from the West Virginia I came from. Now we are all wrapped up in the sex ordeal which is either man made or government made.
Sure government will allow sex but at the same time they are using sex to catch a sex offender in this strange and bazzar way. I wonder who’sprincipal that is today or should we all go back to DUI classes.

While their are thousands of things to discuss with American Politics. a fraction of American political class wishes to reignitate the Civil War in some ways mean’s and form. Are they ( the sex offender ) the scourge of American justice that changes frequently? Now I can’t say anything about Galan’s ordeal as I don’t keep up with that. And Mary I can’t say who’s the poster boy today. Maybe “Uncle Sam” is. I hope we don’t get into trouble for speeking out.