Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program

Thomas Darby

I’ve heard the statement before that sex offenders have the lowest rate of recidivism, “except for those who have murdered.” Think about the problem with that statistic: Murderers (as opposed to involuntary manslaughter, 2nd degree murder, etc.) have by definition committed a pre-meditated crime. Those who have committed pre-meditated murder are unlikely EVER to get out of prison and I can tell you from personal prison experience and my own knowledge, that gang-type street murders happen repeatedly. The statistic is way off, skewed by the data itself. Sex offenders, on the other hand, are actually the LOWEST of all, even lower than most places claim of 5%. The actual number of Registered sex offenders who are convicted of the commission of another sex crime are less than 1%! Source: SOSEN, Nebraska studies, etc. The thing that skews sex offenses upward is that many stats go by re-arrests, not re-convictions; or include non-sex related crimes such as theft of food to survive.