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From Chuck Moderator you wrote on July 31, 2018 at 2:26 pm:
Automatic relief? You must be new to Pa!!! PSP isn’t going to do anything that a Court doesn’t order them to do. Each sex offender who believes their registration is wrong has to challenge their registration using Muniz as precedent. The Courts will waive the filing fees if you are low income if you apply for a fee waiver.”

No Mr. Chuck, I am not new to PA. You however seem new to having a bit of social kills in the manner that you answer the public specially when they are newcomers. Typical of people in position of authority. Please do not make assumptions. Many of us have been thru that enough! You provided no help with your post to my post or questions. Actually, no one did. I was/am under the impression that PA registrant pre-SORNA had to be automatically released by PASC court order, but the PSP asked for within 18 months from denial of certuari to do so from the the PSP’s SO registry list by a lower court order. That is why I asked! Thank you not for your unhelpful answer.

Mr. Brian you said on July 30, 2018 at 10:40 am

Just wanted to say it is far less then 5000, if they’re charging you that much they’re ripping you off, as for cost and name I decline to answer, I don’t want to compromise my case, after all said and done I will post it on here, no pun intended, just be careful because I got ripped off already by one bad lawyer, if he wouldn’t sue me I would put his name on here so no one uses him or his firm. I have heard people say they have gotten relief automatically, and saw someone who had a lawyer got relief that way as well, as for out of state people such as myself I haven’t obviously, out of state people were supposed to have their reviews done first but that changed, now we’re last I assume,”

August 10, 2018 at 8:04 pm #44641REPLY

“Well got my official letter from psp today telling me I no longer have to register, but I believe IML still affects me because it states at the bottom of the letter that I may be required to register with other states to check with local law enforcement prior to entering their state because the FBI has everyone on file, My question is, how does one fight IML, maybe a questing for my attorney.”

So are you going to follow on your word Sir so that I may try to help my family member Sir?

…and to terry you said on August 11, 2018 at 12:32 pm #44698REPLY

terry brunson
Thank you for the info on NY I just read briefly on the surface. It was a point that I did not look at close. I am so proud that Brian got the news he was waiting for. He is free in Pa. The FBI still has a national base to. If he sought judicial determination a court would have order Brian’s name off that letting him travel on vacation without FBI tracks in the NCIC.

In His letter the PSP tells you this fact at the bottom of the letter. But if a court order is involved there are different rules. The case to read on this is J.J.M. v. PSP A3d 386 MD 2017 and In re D.A., 801 A2d 614, 616-17 on detriment on PSP letter without Court’s decision.

Brian has a letter with a detriment statement from the PSP with no Court’s backing in judicial determination. This may seem a small thing, but in the future it will be the other states that open the door to make greater issues of this. But a court order close this detriment by extending Brian’s name to be removed off the NCIC FBI data base too so other states will not see his history.”

You totally made no sense or at least confused me!!! If a person is off the registry in a State they are off
all data bases FBI and otherwise right? …period! Otherwise, what is the point of receiving any relief or seeking/demanding it if the FBI/Homeland Security or other States are going to to hold a person hostage for the rest of their lives? Why is a darn Judge needed and more money required to feed this flawed system with SEX Offenses mainly the focus to something that is now State Law per PASC writings after the Muniz decision?