Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices

totally against public registry

Dear Mary,

No one should be committed to civil commitment facilities. No matter what one does, there is always alternatives to incarceration (specially for life). Every time one commits a crime, they get their punishment in a form of incarceration and our system is very punishment-happy as appose to rehabilitation-happy.

At the end of the day, individuals who have committed a sexually related crime, are going to live in the community and how great it would be that after serving a rehabilitation time this person can live among us as a whole person who can contribute and be a successful part of society?

You say…..”Then what do we do with those who recidivate? Not everyone is a one time offender. Or just a two time offender, Galen’s on #3 as far as we know.”

That is why we already have laws (and too many of them if you ask me) on the books. People pay the ultimate price for recidivism. That goes for every crime not just sexually related ones.