Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices

Mary Davye Devoy

Wayne Bowers says what’s occurring to Galen /his family is “a travesty”, WOW!

Galen has 2 different convictions for sex with minors and he openly doesn’t have any remorse for those two crimes.

He avoided SVP civil commitment by Virginia the first time around and routinely bragged about beating it.

He and his family always forget to mention his first sexual conviction (his parents when they came to my home in 2010 or his father’s bio for RSOL-VA board members) acting as if he only has the second conviction, living in denial so Galen continues to avoid responsibility.

Then while under VADOC Probation he has contact with 16-year-old minor, so he’s been in the Alexandria jail (not a Virginia prison) since April of 2016.

Now Virginia wants to consider him again for civil commitment as an SVP.

Galen is not the poster boy for not having SVP civil commitment, he’s the poster boy for why we should have it. Galen doesn’t take responsibility for anything, he’s a manipulator and a recidivist who cannot stop himself from seeking out young boys.

If anyone needs intense Sex Offender treatment, it’s Galen Baughman.

NARSOL holding him up as a reason for reform is not only wrong it’s damaging to any serious registry or civil commitment reform efforts.

On Twitter today someone asked NARSOL this:
– Serious question, @NationalRSOL, and not meant as trolling: How would you propose to keep the public safe from individuals such as Mr. Baughman? Because you got me to view his story, and now I’m almost FOR civil commitment!

Whoever monitors the NARSOL Twitter account replied with this:
– Just as with anyone who commits any crime; when he has been convicted of the crime, bring about appropriate punishment, including prison time. When/if he is convicted of another crime, more and longer prison time.

So, NARSOL is AOK w/ Galen committing a 4th offense, a 5th offense and so on. This means there’d be a 4th victim and a 5th victim and so on and with Galen’s history not adults, but juveniles.

Sadly, this is EXACTLY why Legislators made mandatory minimums, sweeping everyone up.

If NARSOL opposes ALL of these:
1.Public Registries
2. SVP commitment
3. Mandatory Minimums
4. Life w/out parole
5. GPS monitoring
6. Lifetime Probation
Then what do we do with those who recidivate? Not everyone is a one time offender. Or just a two time offender, Galen’s on #3 as far as we know.

This post and the blind support for Galen is the real travesty.

The end does not justify the means.