Reply To: NARSOL condemns civil commitment practices

Wayne Bowers

I totally agree with everything stated in the post challenging the Virginia effort to civilly commit Galen Baughman. I have known the Baughman family since he was first incarcerated. No doubt what is occurring now is a travesty. This is just one example, though, of the horrible practice of civil commitment in the United States where 20 states and federal have just facilities. Hear the stories of people or family/friends of any of these places and you receive a disturbing pattern of lack of consistent therapy and horrible treatment of the detainees. For three years National CURE has hosted a monthly conference call specific to civil commitment issues. Some detainees in some states can participate and join family and advocates in sharing information, giving support, and talking strategy of ways to challenge these practices. It is through these calls we are learning of the horrid conditions which hide behind the cover of most facilities being in some semblance of mental health agency and thus privacy covers the ability to learn much about them. More and more journalists are reporting on these conditions. Thank you NARSOL for emphasizing this terrible practice and restating your opposition to civil commitment. I urge all who are reading to learn more about these facilities and what happens to the residents there.

Wayne Bowers, Director