Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


In short I would like to address the good and positive efforts to NARSOL. Sure I’ve wanted to drive down speak to J.P my NARSOL affiliate in VA which is about 2 and a half hours away maybe stop by the Capital. J.P is a good and resourcful man. When I got my little victory in Court JP was pleased with I e-mailed him. Like my dad always said ” don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. Is a lot of this issue discrimination at times. I live right across the street from kids so whats so different about schools in a lot of these circumstances. Would a post office be a “radar zone” or a state capital, hospital, or senior citizens home.

Dad was a banker in the 30’s during the depression. After the banks closed he was offered a job in a small gas and utility business. Going to the state capital in WV at that time listening to bills and this that and the other wears on a person or gets them a bit flustered. He told me it was very boring at times. Sure he wrote checks to United Way, Churches, etc and still raised 5 kids one was even a dentist. Sure I was sort of a black sheep of the family if you want to say that. Dad never gave up. He was involved in a murder trial (see mamie thruman trial Logan WV.) back in the early 30’s as a character wittness. Did the butler do it or was he railroaded? While he still gave a tenth of his income to various organizations fightening justice is what its all about.
Now everybody needs housing and in California that to me is a world apart from other statues at times. How things go out in that area is different at times so is goverment views Sure at times reprimanding is good about spending efforts to achieve, but I doubt Janice goes out half cocked with some of these ordeals as any good lawyer is tackful and resourcful for the American People.