Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program


Actually I’m glad that Sandy wrote this letter to speak out or should we all take lesson’s in history. Sure officials are not going to back down but their has to be some leverage. Or should one say “Frankly My Dear, I don’t give a damn”. Believe the movie producers were sued by that remark but that was a memorible line. Should we all now be censoring true justice today?
Sure a lot would be a bit pissed about housing, jobs, or even entering the work place with some type of prison record. Second chances are good. Today the one’s that seemed outcast are the sex offender and that is sort of strange. I hope “We the people” or Government are not all born with “silver spoons” in our mouth.
Sure public speaking is good and speaking out on the causes that effect others. Even Maestro sounded off to me about my spelling and puncutation a bit but thats good., but belitting one in these types of ordeal or circumstances is not as who know’s another man’s circumstance.

Sure we all learn lesson’s or should the murder, or pety theif, or arsonist be a bit of the upper crust of the criminal letter. When immigrants came over to this country a lot of them were criminals and wanted to start a better life and I dont blame the sex offender for seeking justice.

Either one can be Proud of a Nation or something is wrong in government. Moral princilals of right and wrong are good but type casting one as unfit for work or associating with others is underhanded for any government. Maybe we all should go back to the Rossevelt days and carry a big stick.