Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program


What they fear is their “image.” Sex offenses,” or better stated a “sex crime,” is politically uncontested – period. If charges, you are now guilty and the presumption of innocence is gone. The trust factor is shot; no one wants to “take a chance” and then have a sex crime on their hands. Not to mention the fact in virtually all US states there is no individual assessments of a prior sex offender. For brevity sake I will end it here. As for me, I cannot even apply for veterans housing, work, section 8, or HUD. Not to mention the facts of a very miserable childhood of abuse ad nausea, and acted out in 1984. 35 years years later I am still psychologically incarcerated. Thank you media, thank you states, thank you Congress, and lest I forget, Justice Kennedy – you know “frighteningly high.” Ad nausea………