Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


Sandy Rozek

David, we appreciate your views, but I must question why you have said and where you have seen acrimony displayed by NARSOL toward ACSOL or any other organization. That is just simply not true. At our 2016 conference, long after ACSOL made the decision to become an independent organization, the NARSOL board awarded Ms. Bellucci our annual Advocate of the Year Award for her work in CA with residency restrictions. We have, as long as they have existed, linked the ACSOL organization here on our website on our Resources links page as a partner in reform. Just last month NARSOL sent the ACSOL board an invitation to have a representative on our widely advertised and attended conference call dealing with the telephone scams targeting registrants. Never has NARSOL spoken or printed anything derogatory or acrimonious regarding Ms. Bellucci or ACSOL. This post was in no way intended to display acrimony but rather to explain the situation about untrue and acrimonious accusations made about NARSOL.