Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


I did like that little tid-bit about finn’s gold. Reminds me of Trump in his promise if elected I will pay my own way with my money. Whatever he meant by that Ia a riddle to me. Now this sex offender ordeal is an issue.

Sure we all have our pro’s and con’s, fundamental and conservative view’s also. but NARSOL is wise to understand where the buck stops and not go ghost chasing with every appeal or this and that. I can’t say anything about Janice as we all have our desires to help others “call it a labor of love” if you like. Even lawyers can do just so much. I even had to speak up at my last trail, sure I over rode my lawyer a bit and even my lawyer believed me so. I requested to speak

Acheving a goal is what its all about without ruffling feathers.We could all talk about good and bad government but that would bore everyone. NARSOL wants to win thats a good ambition but NARSOL is not going to go with just any pie in the face issue. I can see that. Its all about honesty and not some governmental “Freud” expermenting.