Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

David Kennerly

“No Hope,” I share your desire to calm the disquiet that seems to infect relations between the two organizations and, like you, can readily identify the brevity of life in a way which eluded my younger self.

Witnessing the acrimony between the two organizations over several years, I am struck by its seeming needlessness but not by some sort of uniqueness. It’s what always happens, I’m afraid. When people have very particular but very different ideas, and evidence they feel supports them, that cannot always reasonably coexist. When scarce resources come into the fray, then there will always be trouble.

Let’s hope that the major players on our side can manage to consolidate their resources against a common enemy and not against each other.

I will add that, for the most part, I think that they are doing that. The IML funding dispute is old news and I would advise against taking anything a third-party says, at this point in time, terribly seriously. It’s much better not to overreact. Let’s get on with it. Choose your dragons carefully and all that. We DO actually have them but they are not each other.