Reply To: To Jackson, MS: No reason to exclude registered sexual offenders from program

Tim L


An often overlooked aspect of policy(s) that ban registrants from interacting with children is the reformed person is not able to communicate and pass on the lesson learned via the oral tradition of story telling.

The removal of that opportunity has deleterious effects upon the social problem. Victimites* insist on banning for child safety however they ignore the inherent drawbacks to their position which in the long run exacerbates the issue. Sexual norms like gender roles are completely culturally driven and derived from tradition. In short, these are learned behaviors.

Clearly young men tend to overate the vagina and the pursuit thereof. This is an ages old problem seemingly inherent into man for the promotion of the species. Cultures have reacted to the problem in very different ways. Muslims cover their women to the extreme, tribes in Papua New Guinea lock young menstruating females in huts, Christians approach the issue with notion of denial or abstinence and the use of law. Of these various actions however none are as ineffective as the utilization of written law to address the issue. If the utilization of law worked to deter sexual aggression it would have proven itself long ago.

IMHO, law will never be effective to that end. So the answers must lie elsewhere.
Somehow intuitively I believe relief will be had through the oral tradition of story telling; Men to men, man by man. Though I admittedly have little empirical evidence and am forced rely on the anecdotal, thus far.
Today I prayed for Miss Tibbits.

Definition – under construction
* Victimite (noun)
Person who thrives parasitcally from the victimization of another surreptitiously.
Ex: ambulance chaser, yellow journalist.
The guy in the front of the three car pile up hired a victimite to maximize his civil suit.