Reply To: Robin Vander Wall on CBS17 News



Agreed, it’s merely an excuse which attempts to justify an injustice.

There’s a situation out in Iowa that comes to mind – that’s being reported by several national news networks. It involves the dissappearance of a young woman named Mollie Tibbetts. At this point, the reported details and time line of her disappearance are not clear. In fact, there have been no reported signs of a struggle. All that’s reportedly really even known is that she simply has “vanished” after house sitting for her boyfriend – who allegedly was out of town at the time.

In spite of so little know at this point, the first assumption by police, media, and many in the public seems to be she was abducted. And, of course, immediately they jump to the conclusion of “Stranger Danger”. So, they next begin using the registry and criminal records to begin interviewing “potential suspects” based on…???

Meanwhile, in reality the evidence reported would more likely suggest that the suspect (Assuming it was an abduction), would have been someone she knew based on the fact there has been no sign of a fight or struggle.

In spite of the evidence pointing to her leaving with someone she likely knew, and contrary to the statistics that support it is very likely someone she knows and not a recidivist registered citizen…they still seem to be looking more into the much less likely possibility (stranger danger).

And, its as if the media is even hoping this turns out to be some horrific abduction perpetrated by a “Stranger, or registered citizen” with a criminal record. Honestly, I really think they are truly hoping for such an outcome.

In the end, odds are it will likely turn out to be someone she knew (perhaps a secret paramour, ex, or even a family member). But the bottom line is fear sells, and Americans love a good scare… and what a major disappointment it shall be if the police, media, and public dont have their evil boogeyman- in this case- to justify more forthcoming unconstitutional laws.