Reply To: Robin Vander Wall on CBS17 News


Now I like you Maestro and I admit I might pick a bit on here but its not about rhyme or reason or odd man out or some jail house terminology. Sure I will agree to your theory about governmental excuse to an extent on all this logic stuff but who’s commiting the real govenmental abuse today?
I just wonder who is created equal today in man’s society or these types of excuses or cover ups, if one wants to say that. Is it the red, the white, or the black, or the depressed or oppressed? The first term paper in high school I wrote was “God and Government” and I can’t take credit for that as my dad helped me write it.
I got an A on it and probably the only one I got in hight school but the point is NARSOL is striving for all of us. Isn’t fighing to restore dignity and constitutional rights to millions what its all about in this sexcapade game if you want to call it that. Sure laws are laws but being a part of any organization, business or committe one has to do the prep work. Sure I belive in Justice or should we all be vague on it all. It makes no difference if one has been in jail or not.