Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


Sandy you are right. I am very glad you caught that, course I was hopeing Maestro would catch that as we all strive in this endeavor that a lot of us are wrapped up in. Honestly should be the basic principals in a lot of this eye of the storm siege. I hate to say this but at times government seems to go thru the eye of a needle? It seems that the camel can be the monkey or the Gorillia on the court. When the detective tells you this is an undercover operation that says a lot. Jesus never worked undercover whether one believes the bible or not,
Sure we could all go back to dropping the first atomic bomb to even air raids alerts in the 50’s. Now we all have a crissis the sex offender law. Is some of it authorized or unarithorized? Sure protecting is good, but in a lot of the sex offender ordeal it is misleading with all this electronic stuff today.
In all honesty I hope that a lot of this sex offender stuff is struck down even this discrimination that comes out of all this or should we all take a lesson from the civil rights act of the 60’s.