Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

no hope

short story long can we all just get together and try and start defeating these prejudicial laws that are effecting any registered RSO daily? i dont understand that if we all have the same goal why we have to be divided. If we begin to argue and make accusations between ourselves what chance do we have in defeating the other side?
this is not a cure for cancer there is no financial gain at the end of the rainbow so i dont understand why we all cant get together and have a united front. the larger the number the easier it is to win some of these cases we are losing on a daily basis. NARSOL, ACSOL Whatever, lets just get under one umbrella we have the technology to do video conferences and meetings where everyone can chime in and help build a good defense.
Im not getting younger and i would like a little bit of sunshine in my life before i leave this earth.