Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

Carol Salacka

RE: Robin’s comments on personality; I would have to say it is more accurately personal issues. After joining another organization over a year ago (and not renewing) I have continued to hear NARSOL criticized on every call or interaction in what I believe is a very unprofessional manner by people who got upset with something NARSOL/RSOL did or said years ago and who took it very personally. I have repeatedly attempted to address this divisive and destructive “ax grinding” with those doing the complaining, to no avail. As Robin knows, I do not agree with everything NARSOL does, but I tell them that directly to get a better understanding of things and then move on to the mission. That anyone claiming to be fighting for justice would continue to publicly attack an organization that does so much for those impacted by the cruel and unjust laws in our country disturbs me greatly. It only detracts from our mutual goals and reflects poorly on all–most especially the attackers.