Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


To everyone
Thanks for all of your kinds words guys, everyones times will come,
maybe your letter got lost on the mail, if they took you off the reg one would tho k you should have received a letter stating your done.
Terry go getem, if they accept to hear you which I think they will seeing you are prose, you present a case of high interest I believe, once they hear you and listens to your words act 10 will be done and over with, you will be the new Muniz my friend and the general assholes will be scurrying for another law fix.
Act 10 is so confusing and twisted even the Da’s don’t understand it, they the Da told me I had to register for life because Act10 says of this out of state crime says life then your life, but are the time of my sentencing out of state, my state didin’t have a ML, they try hard to interpret the law but even they don’t understand it. I can’t sit here and say sense you were on probation your time don’t count, I’m not an attorney, that s why I got one, even though Terry tried like hell to get me to learn the law I just didn’t feel confident fighting this prose, Snoopy if you can afford an attorney you may want to look into one, just be very careful because there are some lawyers out there that will scam you, I got ripped off once but caught onto his scheme, Terry saw it before I did, Terry said., Brian you have a bad lawyer, everything I told him he argued with me, Due process he argued, this law being punitive he argued, equal protection he argued, ex post facto her argued, he wasn’t trying to help me at all, he took my money and there is nothing I could do about it because I signed papers saying yes, you can litigate my case which he only litigated against me.