Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter


Talk about going thru the eye of a camel. Maybe today we can refresh that statement with going thru the eyes of the storm, controversy, or conflict if one needs to. Sure some can say this and that when one donates or should we all go out and bake girl scout cookies.

Giving or donating to a good cause is good and one has to have faith in that organization or their goal efforts. Now I’ve heard some comments about Janice but one should not believe everything one hears, nor should everybody judge a book by its cover. Now I can’t judge Janice out in California from some hearsay. How can someone judge when they have never met someone?

Now when my Mom and my Uncle got into an argument and grandma came to visit she use to say, now you children stop this. Me at 14 and I’m saying she called them children. All these donation pledges or whatever you want to call them from the President asking you to help clean up the swamp or have dinner with him donate today, one has to say where is honesty.

If you want honesty and even my dad use to say that, this country is going to hell in a handbag and I’m sure everybody has heard that phrase at one time in their life. Fighting and hanging in there is whats important. Sure NARSOL has a tough road at times but one doesn’t give up the ship or should everyone go watch a silence of the lamb movie and say you made your bed lye in it. Let NARSOL help those that seek change in America with a lot of these laws in a Rational way that is fair and and does not compromise others.

Maybe you all should watch “Norma Rae” and I did like the flying nun also.