Reply To: Sex offender registries: A legacy of fear


I thought I was overly negative but sheesh. I was twenty (16 years ago) and had consensual sex with someone I met at a coffee shop…who turned out to be a runaway 15 year old … In Florida (ie just f Florida, seriously state is terrible towards people). Anyway, now I’m in Virginia, starting next year I can petition to get off…regardless of how long that fight takes me I don’t see how y’all can be so certain things won’t change. I was around when RSOL, SOSEN, and So hopefully all started…when it truly looked hopeless. When the idea of surpreme courts ruling residency restrictions unconstitutional would have been laughed at, or Pennsylvania ruling retroactive changes to a registry unconstitutional…and Colorado’s ongoing battle. Back then no one, other than sex offenders and their spouses, believed stranger danger was misrepresented, people living under a bridge was wrong, or that hey maybe job info shouldn’t be on the list cause unemployed offenders have worse recidivism.. all that’s changed. It has failed in Virginia thus far, but every legislative year an attempt to remove employment info surfaces, courts have changed view, the ratio of sex offenders monster stories vs it’s gone to o far isn’t as one sided anymore…it’s slow. It’s painful. It sucks, but the tides ARE changing. No, the registry isn’t likely to fall in 2019, or 2020…but watch…it is changing, it will change. I truly believe that. In 16 years I’ve watched public support for registration fall from 95+% to just over 60. I’ve seen study after study battle the myths. I’ve gone from suicidal (literally) to believing that at some point in my life I’ll live without this list hounding me. No it won’t be quick or easy, but changes are happening…my eyes are wide open. I’m not a member here…don’t intend on becoming one, but if y’all keep this things will never change attitude-youll be right. Things won’t change if we believe they won’t…what we send out we get back. I believe things will change….which I’ve only started believing the last couple years…keep your chins up, cause change won’t come without a fight.