Reply To: NARSOL’s chairman to give testimony against civil commitment, mandatory minimums

Irene Rubio

The same is going on in Texas along with the Senator and Governor being a part of it,They have a Secret Prison in Littlefield where they are placing Civil Committed people. Yet the Statue on the Bill is not being Followed and the Bill has been edited many times by Senator Whitmire. The Texas VA was being used for veterans to be treated at a free price as they had the men in Austin,but now they are in the Secret Prison in Littlefield. When is this gonna be Stopped,we need to vote for a new Governor and Senator, We must make changes! They are using our Tax payers money for this! Did you know that men being Civil Committed,Tdcj is Behind all of it.Yet it don’t make any sense how men are ready to be Parole out yet they are a Danger to Society. Also the way these men were place as low risk offenders,yet they are such Dangerous Men! Also If they are a Danger to Society,how were they not in Seg while in Prison where Bad people are put.They need to stop using all our money ,We are Tax payers and we Don’t Need anymore Secret prisons with Therapy people whom are just geting paid!When are they going to Stop this Stupid Stuff,We the People need to make a Difference,It is Unconstitutional! No exceptions!! I hope that the Judges can See this Truth! And no more Secret Prisons,Its so bad that they dont even want Reporters at that facility!!! They are doing things as Bad as Mr.Uresti ,,when will they get Caught??