Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


Glen I’m afraid your right on a lot of this issue. This SCOTUS, this megan’s law, and these other laws are a bit of a “ground hog shadow” for a lot involved in all this. Now when I was growing up, sure my grandmother took me a few times to those so called “fire & brimstone” preachings. Sure thats the way some preachers strived to get things across.
Sandy was right when she said Brenda Jones doesn’t want religion in any of this and Brenda is right but it’s more than just religion, is about honesty. Look at the way this nation is since the 60’s. Some have even said the Civil war never ended its just been compromised or appealed in strange ways to make way for a new nation.
I wonder how even some of these kids’ survive in schools today. So yes Glen there has to be principals but also the right kind and not the USA corrupted kind. in a lot of this monitoring off limits type ordeals. Even governments are a bit out of line and corupt. We could even call some of this stuff going on a ” Basket Ball Jones” type of court rulings or are we still a connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court. I might even suggest Robin and Paul and a few others to watch the Bing Crosby version if the get a chance.
I sort of hated musicals myself but it makes a bit of good understanding about laws even though it’s a type of love story. Its either getting to be a payton place type, or a governmental valley bunch of hypocrites.