Reply To: Robin Vander Wall on CBS17 News


Robin after reading the article and viewing the video three times. I have to say pray works and I’m sure a lot of individual’s on the registry as well as myself say pray’s. At least I hope they do.
Now when I heard the word force, well that was it, you guys have won hands down in this type of case but like Sonny and Cher said. And the beat goes on. Now the point made was good and its just like principals, nobody can “force” one.

And than someone brought in like illegal search that got them to understand a bit more in their human wisdom. I have to give the NARSOL team congratulations.

Sure I was looking for jail time in my little ordeal but even one of the preachers that came to my house who use to be a police officer said he knew a bit about these things. He told me you said the right things that night. We all still have a long way to go and restoration and a bit of freedom fightening never hurts. So everyone on here that is hurting a bit be positive, and positive change is what its all about.