Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket

James S

Well with all said on this topic. I’m one of those people that is fighting to reform Registry in PA. I have good attorneys which aren’t local but in PA. PA wants to do whatever they want and how they want to keep the system full. Yes. FAILURE is the key objective they want from us to keep the government funded and us locked up. PA and the Society thinks we cant change or have a better productive life. They figure once a sex offender always a sex offender, which is not true. I love challenging the hell out of these laws that the government imposes in PA on sex offenders. We need to all ban together and prove to PA that we can change and we can be better. You will always have those people that says bad stuff about us but turn a cheek and keep moving on and be productive. As of right now in Montgomery County the challenge on Act 10 which is the new Megan’s Law has been found unconstitutional. Though you know that the DA is going to challenge the ruling, but if it settles unconstitutional then Act 10 is dead. After Scotus replied from Muniz Case, PA scrambled to get a new law in affect asap. With those that were convicted before Dec. 20th 2012 we can call a 1 800 number to update info which is not done to date, then we are suppose to register our employment, school, address. Well to date they have removed our other information. So, I’m looking into of suing. Get ahold of Theresa in NARSOL