Reply To: 2 years later, still no action on Michigan’s Sex Offense Registry



Michigan Registers People Who Are Not a Danger to the Community

• People are required to register without anyone ever deciding whether they are a danger to the
• Registration is based solely on past convictions (no matter how old), not on present risk.
• Modern research shows that scientific assessments are much better at predicting risk than
past convictions.
• Some people with minor convictions can present significant risk while other people with
what appear to be more serious convictions can present little risk.
• The registry includes children as young as 14.
• The registry includes people who never committed a sex offense.
• The registry includes people who were never convicted of a crime.
• Michigan requires most people to register for life, no matter how old their crime, what they
have done since, or how small a risk they pose to the community.

PEOPLE like myself who were convicted only because a law that was written stated ..they do not need proof or evidence if the case was involving a minor ???? REALLY ??? NO PROOF NO EVIDENCE ? I had always believed INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY . NOT IN MICHIGAN You CAN BE GIVEN A LIFE SENTENCE BECAUSE UNJUST LAWS WRITTEN BY POWER HUNGRY POLITICIANS, THAT HAVE TAKEN THE POWER FROM THE JUDGES COURT ROOMS.