Reply To: AWA Loses in Pennsylvania’s Highest Court – Discussion Continued


Isn’t that something, when people actually look past our conviction and say, (SO WHAT). It’s the general assholes and the lawmakers doing all this and making SO’s such horrible people, I think that 90% of society doesn’t give a rats ass anymore because their more worried about keeping their heads above water nowadays, they don’t have time to worry about SO’s, there are a couple over exaggerated people, there is a woman at my job who will do everything I’m her power to avoid even waking by me now, someone did their own background check on me a few months back and told everyone about me, now they don’t have company outing anymore, I never went anyway, they will get the better though, I will loose my job because of them, I’ve been written up a couple times for making the same mistake as others but others make a huge deal of it when I make a mistake that I end up getting in trouble, they have been at the company for 10 pluse years, it’s a form of discrimination I believe but also legally writing me up though because I am making valid mistakes. I plan on starting my own business as soon as I find out I do or do not have to register permanently, that way I will be my own boss and not have to deal with anyone trying to get the upper hand on me, I don’t plan to hire any employees so I won’t have to worry a out that either.