Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


Mike one of the reason’s I got involved into all this as we all at times have a monkey on our back, and sometimes it can be in one’s own family. You see I wanted to use a Christian principal to help in all this plus learn a bit about myself and strive to help others in some of this undue debauchrous ordeal. Now from what I have gathered on here from seeing NARSOL’s in action and listening and reading some of the comments on here. Everybody is hurting.

We can either “Erase the Hate” or just let it build up and blind us all in this concrect jungle of justice the sex offender one is living under. So who’s got the more “Burden of proof” or the Burden of truth”? Sure I am interested in this too just like a lot of people on here, even Glen. See man wants to show their burden of proof.

Now I’m not sure who brought up Lincoln but we have all brought up things on here. Sure I liked my criminology classes but I’m in my 60’s today and I’m sure we all have seen a lot of injustice in life.
Lincoln used principal and it was biblical and it also helped end the Civil War.

The key is word is “Civil” just like civil Justice. Believe it or not a lot of court systems make christiany null and void in todays’ legal Justice. Now watching Paul’s argument in the Doe vs Cooper it was like watching a civil war or a Cosell and Ali fight in the courtroom ( Sorry Paul) when one party want’s to be right and another party wanting to be right about these restrictions in area’s where one can and cannot be in. Believe it or not Cosel was jewish so who’s the boxing odd couple today in a lot of this sex offense ordeal?

Now we all can be silent in these situation or use a bit of understanding and Lincoln did just that. Just from what I have gathered NARSOL made a good decison with Paul but each state I’m afraid has its own battle.
Hey believe it or not at one time I remember when people wanted to clean up Television but that didn’t come to much or motion pictures with the PG rating. Just a rating, wow.Now their are two things people can do. They can either make a choice or make a decision.When that detective told me well you made a choice to come down here. I said wait a minute I made a decision and both have different meanings. So principals at times can be vain by governments vanity.
We all could go back to the day’s of Joe Kennedy with the boot leg wiskey which might be a bit conflicting to some. We could even talk about government scandles or conspiricy’s but are those myths or are the part of American history.
Mike, Maestro said if he was condemned by smoking cigerettes than he would be locked up. Yes I would be to as I have a bad habit of smoking cigs myself but at times we can all have dirty mouths. We could even talk about govermental abuse but I hope government doesn’t go that far in this sexcapade ordeal that is inflicting those of a lot of their rights for true justice.