Reply To: NARSOL responds to untruths posted on Twitter

not using my real name

It is my belief (im not affilated with either group) that its important to not go off half cocked and wait for a case to mature before filing a lawsuit. Janice appears to file more lawsuits. Maybe thats because she is doing outstanding work with getting residency restrictions removed in cali, which she has won them all as far as i can tell. This may have also led to her thinking she can apply that same strategy to many different cases such as IMLx2 and the tiered registry. The former has built the foundation for a bad precedent for future iml challenges and the latter has devolved into a useless and even more harmful outcome for many registrants in cali. (cp possession auto tier 3)

I am not suggesting that Janice “stay in her lane” and stick to residency restrictions, but what I am suggesting and this goes for BOTH organizations is to please do not file lawsuits haphazardly. Doing so can set us back years or even a decade or more. Its hard enough going to court with the deck already stacked against us, but when we have bad law created by our own bad lawsuits our odds are probably better playing the lottery.

I would also like to state that I appreciate what both organizations are doing for rc`s. We have to be smart about what we go after and patient (which i know is in short supply) People want changes now and we will get there. How long depends on timing and choosing the right battles to fight, but it will happen.