Reply To: BREAKING NEWS; NARSOL file amicus in Colorado case


Win was pre-03 & a long story, too long for this venue. If fact it is a book in itself tho I’ve yet to write it. There is a very old case CALDER V. BULL 3 U.S.86 (1798). Of particular interest in (4,). While no motion was filed or reviewed by the court the case ended in dismissal. But I messed up by not getting the “with prejudice” part.
Live and learn.

In #2 The D.A. threatened me with a 980 commitment ( stat used for civil commitment in WI) just prior to a 2011 preliminary hearing. That is how bad he wanted my plea AND why I know my case is a threat to their golden goose. that loss got me 3years probation and you can get your bottom I spent that three years busting their hump on every visit. Including handing out flyers advertising NARSOL, ONCE FALLEN, SOSEN, INNOCENCE PROJECT, to others. My probation officer implied treatment mandatory and at my expense! You should have seen hear face when I said no fn way lady! They gave up on that idea. You see Glen I refused to plea. Once they know you’ll demand trial they think much longer before issuing complaints. Do NOT be low hanging fruit.