Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court



You’re feeding right into what the “thought police” push on you and want you to feed into.
It’s normal human nature to be sexual. It’s also normal human nature to want to be ‘turned on’.
So ask yourself this question since you seem to agree with the P.O.’s rules about porn:

“If a person with a sex offense CAN be in a relationship while being on probation/parole, OBVIOUSLY they’re going to SEE their partner NAKED, right? So then what the hell does it matter if they see OTHER ADULTS naked?”

Just ask yourself that as you seem to partially applaud their “rules” and refer to your son as having an “addiction”. Sorry to burst your bubble but we don’t all just have sex when it’s “mating season”. Ah…because humans don’t have a mating season like other animals do. 😂