Reply To: Court decisions re sexual offense issues still based on myth, not fact

Tim L

Myth or Mysticism
The young male tends to think with their dicks is hardly a myth.

The myth that most correlates to the courts role in the SORNA boondoggle lay directly upon the foundation of all justice systems. Does Man learn from his errors?

The SORNA myth presumed. NO!
If man does not learn because he is indeed incapable then why bother trying to alter behavior in the first place. This conundrum clearly explain s civil commitment. Those suffering civil commitment do so precisely because “experts” claim an incapacity to learn.
Hence first the fed and states proceeded to insist they had accurately predicted the future in the ONMIBUS94 and decided to pass laws built an electronic list.. The folks upon the list presented a danger, because they have not reformed by what has already been done. Justice Stevens pointed to the use of the conviction as the touchstone for BOTH SUFFICIENT AND NECESSARY condition to include those already disposed. Ex post laws are considered worth prohibiting precisely because their extensive history of ineffectiveness AND inefficiency because indeed man learns. The record exposes the low % of recidivism of those listed. The Congress never did predict the future they merely pretended they could do so. How logically convenient does political correctness get?

Society reaps what it sows.