Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


Actually Glen I did think that abuse registry thing was amusing. Sure we have all did something abusive to others and it doesn’t have to be of a legal nature. One of the reason’s I went and took college courses was to one day become a probation officer but I lost interest after so long.
Even my instructor which was a police officer I knew him. I even went to school with some of his sons. Now I know the remark was in jest but still amusing, but actually it has a lot of meaning in this country today. I would even think Brenda and Robin would thank that also.
The sex offender matter is just one view but look at the whole gamit of society today. Look at the President and his little bit of hot water. Sure a bit of punishment or reprimand is good but forgivness is better, it can go too far even with any type of people that are not in any type of trouble I went to court for a violation because at the time I said if I can’t vote I can do telemarketing for Donald Trump. I had a polagraph test around that time and I mentioned that on the test and I was violated for wanting to campaign for the President At least I didn’t lie about it.

Sometimes I have to think I’m wigged out on all this and have to clear my thoughts but Maestro keeps me in running gear on here. And believe it or not this sex offender issue not only effects us but everything else that is discriminatory. Why do you think Lincoln freed the slaves in the earlier days. I wonder if we are all freed indeed today when government wants to challange others. Ali would knock em out I’m sure. either him or Howard Cosell and Cosell was in a different decade but I still have respect for both Ali and Cosell and their views.