Reply To: No residency restrictions in York, Nebraska



Awesome job. It seems you made the council pause for a moment and think…and that’s an important thing.

It’s interesting, because my neighbor is currently trying to sell his house. Some research shows home values drop when a registered citizen lives nearby. It’s funny, because people seem to love to create restrictions against residing close to parks, schools, playgrounds, whatever…but additionally, many folks don’t want you living near them either especially when they are attempting to sell their house. Point being, exactly where do they expect us to live?

I honestly hate that it could affect my neighbors property value…so much for “Public Protection”… its just more “Collateral damage”, and this time it affects my neighbor (Rather than me, my family, friends, employer, etc).

But, what’s the alternative? Send me to prison for life for my 1st offense misdemeanor “Sex offender” charge from 16 years ago? The registry and the restrictions are insane.