Reply To: PA state police arrests for sex offense registry infractions skyrocket


Ok Glen and maestro you guys come down to earth a bit. I am labeled as violent by the courts but my probation officer labels me a low risk. Sure we all have a wirey tongue at times and some get upset.
Now I liked Cosby at first but when these aligations came out they had a more demeaning tone to them. Wile, if everybody was perfect we all would be able to get along with others and not stero type people. Now I have met Donald Trump Jr. personally during my the corse of my business endeavors. I can’t judge his demeanor no can I judge the Presidents but seems everybody does have there opinions about correction.

Sure everybody always should try to do better. Sure we all are scolded by or parents when we all do wrong growing up. Even school disclipline can be a bit uneasy and at times. The sex thing can be a curse if one lets it . Sure were all born into trouble and thats in the bible Maestro and even this country can make celebrity’s seem like they are not even human such as the Cobsy case. We could also look at the USA olympics coach so there is good and bad in everything. Sure people can change but when someone starts labeling them thats a bit judgemental in itself I’m no judge, but facts and proof are the best medicine and if you can’t learn that from some bible teaching than where are the commandments today in America.

Now guys this is not just a sex offense but its a national debate today. I can’t say anything bad about our President and everybody has different views and we all have a sexuality or was the garden of eden some pipe dream. I still think government needs to tone down a bit on a lot of this stuff. I have been in jail in my past and its not a pretty picture.