Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


Perhaps another example of “Inattentional blindness” and not seeing the forest for the trees, is the recent case regarding Bill Cosby. Dont get me wrong, I’m not defending what he’s been convicted of. Im merely pointing out one aspect of the hypocrisy of the registry as it appears it will be applied to him.

At 81 years old, blind (and needing help to even walk), it appears likely he will be placed on the registry for life, and classified as “A Sexual Violent Predator” – as determined by a state assessment board. Truth is whether youre a Cosby supporter or not, it seems thats clear evidence that illustrates the fact the registry is being used in a punitive way.

Again, I’m not defending Cosby’s crime or disputing that punishment is due. But, if the intent of the registry is to protect the public, how is placing an 81 year old blind man- who can’t even walk on his own-on the registry, and declaring him a sexual violent predator protecting anyone? I mean, how much of a threat to the public is he now? Or is this really just an additional punitive measure to enhance his pending sentence?

Cosby’s attorney is fighting the case and has stated they will appeal all the way to the supreme court. Could be some interesting decisions come out of his case….

In my view, it’s a good example of the registry being clearly applied in a punitive way.