Reply To: The Sex Offender Registry: A Gorilla on the Basketball Court


Michael, I’m beginning to like your writings more and more and I can see the inspiration ina lot of it that you do for NARSOL. Now I’m sure people on here that have good responses to these articles with their comments and views. that NARSOL takes note of. Yes, your articles have been pretty positive and a fresh view on all this. I commend you as well as some of the others

I even enjoyed Debra’s comment about her son and the perdicament with her son. That was an inspiring story. Sure we can all get a bit down on all this ordeal about this sex offender or abuse issue. I even get a bit down on myself to even read some of this stuff on here that is going on with government gone bad, if you want to say that. Her story has a lot of meaning in it if one listens well is very impressive. I wonder if he just had a playboy magazine would they of violate him or even a hustler magazine. Believe it or not government approved both of them. Matter of fact we all should be glad for NARSOL’s grassroots efforts in all this type endeavor. and helping others is what its all about.
If you want to go a bit father they could of even planted that and it always amazes me that some will go to those extremes. Nobody’s perfect.
I know get to the point. I grew up in the mid to late sixties. Sure the civil rights movement was in swing. Their were speakers like Malcom X, Dr. Martain Luther King, and JFK and those days were interesting. Someone look that up for me as I was about 9 or 10 at the time. Sure everybody wanted freedom and true justice. See when injustice takes on a different form than one has to stand up. Sure man can be ordained to serve the people but even we all could use a pharase from ” Working class people” John Lennon. And yes a lot of people were against goverrnment at that time. Look at some of the Vietnam stuff.

All that Beettle stuff aside for right now, Government is actually going above measure. I liked one of the comments on here about the “National Police Abuse/misconduct registry. I could of said is this guy on acid or wigged out by all this, but actually made good since. Yes a lot of you all make good sense on here.
Now I’m a nobody at times but even with my measure of faith and I’ sure your alls also we are somebody and if we don’t use the measure of faith we can lose it. Sure some of these registry things are wrong. Even the lady mentioned about the computer. yes they confistated mine alss and they said it was clean. Believe it or not I get I have gotten message’s since my offense when was back in 2012, I never open them but I do have a separate file and will bring all this up when its time. If police can dupe a person once they will do it again if you let them so one has to be on guard.

True Justice is in the hands of the Creator, and good people that help like NARSOL and yes Michael I do enjoy these articles.Even NARSOL has enough challenges as it is I’m sure but this will all be straighten out soon and true liberty should shine again. I hope we all are not bank robers but I’m sure with all the money we have put out in fines or violations or just whatever even with time served in jail plus our liberties, I wonder who the bank robber is. People do have morals and a conscious but when someone inflames a conscious than that isn’t too good.

So where is the rehiblitation in all this, I guess its thru man’s wisdom.